Welcome to Luminaria Sanctuary

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi

Please pardon our dust while our site is under construction. We're building a completely new way to engage online...



Welcome home to your Sanctuary -

Join a growing community coming together under a simple and grounded evolutionary precept: We have the power to live the life of our dreams.

We can forge a new path, embody new ways of thinking, making decisions, respecting resources, communicating, and creating, and we can start living it TODAY.



Although we each take steps in our own lives, we are not alone. Standing together, sharing our wisdom and experience, helping each other along a path that we are creating as we walk it, carrying the light within each of us - this is Luminaria.

Who Is Luminaria Sanctuary?

Luminaria Sanctuary is a group of humans who are consciously devoted to participating in the evolution of humanity to a more harmonic, sustainable state.

We began as an ignited community who created Luminaria Sanctuary Retreat Center in 2010 in the Pacific NW of the USA, but we soon outgrew it.


We are now a growing force of inspired evolutionaries from all over the world.

Luminaria Community Members are

  • Action-Takers
  • Change-Makers
  • Seekers & Dreamers
  • Practical Creatives
  • Conscious Evolutionaries
  • Possibly YOU?

The journey starts as a spark within each of us. Step-by-step, we use our personal and collective highest visions & dreams to  stretch beyond WHAT IS to WHAT IS POSSIBLE. We align our actions with the outcomes of our BIG AUDACIOUS DREAMS (the ones that extend beyond even our own lives), and we encourage, teach and support each other in learning how to make them come true!

We are smart, practical revolutionaries, gathering the personal, social, spiritual & technical skills we need to make a positive impact on the planet, expanding our awareness and creative intelligence intentionally.


What's Happening Now?

We're creating an entirely new online presence to support our community.

And we're walking our talk...

Luminaria core members (who were involved with the creation and first phase of Luminaria) have all been hard at work in their own conscious evolutionary processes - as well as planning how to accommodate our growing community.

Melinda & Steve of Luminaria Sanctuary & Honaunau Farm have taken their love of permaculture & community to a new level helping heal the planet, with Mana Artisan Botanics.

Jennifer Alyse created the EmPowerEd Event to offer experiential tools for women to live an empowered life, as well as Soul Space.

Amber Jade is masterminding the next phases of Luminaria Sanctuary, and The Luminaria, bringing this human-empowerment project to an international level.

And too many updates from other members to list them all here...


  • online community
  • online evolutionary support process
  • transformational events where you can teach, learn & grow
  • new locations
  • member updates
  • invitations for your input and ideas - tell us what YOU want to see created!


What Does It Mean For YOU??

Luminaria Sanctuary is launching full-immersion physical environments designed to launch forward YOUR human potential.


Connect with our interactive online community and discover a whole family of  people who want to create a better world.


We'll keep you updated on ways we can support each other in the Art of Evolution.

You'll be invited to

  • get together and dream out loud
  • share your wisdom and learn from others
  • find practical partnership for projects and issues YOU think are important
  • get real skills, perspectives, connections, resources and the support you need to take action toward creating the life and the world you wish to see

Your Next Step... Get IGNITED!

Connect with community all over the planet who are taking steps toward creating a better world. It's FREE. Its EASY. And it just may change your life.

The Luminaria is our online gathering place for evolutionary support. Check out The Luminaria for upcoming events!

Signing up on our mailing lists will connect you with the whole community - no need to sign up twice!



luminaria - noun - a traditional Mexican Christmas lantern originally consisting of a candle set in sand inside a paper bag.

Doesn't sound THAT exciting does it?

But when you see a stunningly beautiful ocean of them lighting a path through the wintery darkness, you understand...

our collective inner light can guide our way home.


We, the community of Luminaria, are a collective of proactive human beings who have come together with the intention of supporting human evolution as a work of art. Participating in sustainability, engaging in community, creating abundance, the unfolding path of our days becomes a living art form.

Expanding our awareness of natural systems, developing and sharing skills and techniques, seeking to understand the human condition, and empowering each other to bring truly inspired visions to life teaches us that the answer to the issues that plague the planet are not in any particular dogma, but are in the way we are present to the world and each other.

We hope that through opening the doors of our  hearts and connecting beautiful people to other beautiful people with the intention of evolution, we can share gifts, become one another’s supporters, healers, teachers, students, spiritual leaders, visionaries, and nurturers. Through each other, we can enjoy abundance, artistic expression, peace, community, inspiration, and live in better balance with our Earth.

Luminaria is NOT a commercial business, nor a non-profit. We are communitarians striving to create mutually-supportive relationships and empower our community to engage in positive interchange, including barter and trade. All income goes directly toward supporting the community's offerings and the continuing availability of evolutionary services, education, and events.


Our Values

Sharing Skills & Co-Mentoring

Sustainable Lifestyles

Art & Creativity

Body and Soul Nourishment

Expanding Consciousness

Organics, Permaculture & Eco-Consciousness

Wildcrafting and Wilding


Communication Skills

Community Building

Sharing/Optimizing Resources

Our Activities

Voluntouring & Giving Back

Sustainable Lifestyle Residencies

Personal Evolution Support and Retreats

Events and Workshops

Community Projects

Healing Modalities

Art and Creativity

Movement and Embodiment

Spiritual Evolution Support (all denominations)

Community Gatherings and Activities

Camping, Wilding and Reconnecting with Nature

Illuminated Lifestyle Design

Your Next Step... Get IGNITED!

Connect with community all over the planet who are taking steps toward creating a better world. It's FREE. Its EASY. And it just may change your life.